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Aesthetic and Health Reasons for Wearing Sun Glasses
These days, just about everyone wears sun glasses: man and woman, adult and child, even pets! For some people, they’re a necessary part of the wardrobe and their “look” wouldn’t be complete without a pair. But they aren’t always worn just to look cool. More importantly, they are used to protect the eyes from the negative effects of harsh sunlight and ultraviolet rays.

Polarized Sun Glasses in Outdoor Recreation
If you’re the type of person who spends a lot of time outdoors engaging in activities like skiing, fishing, or golfing, one of the most important elements of your gear would be your polarized sun glasses.

Enjoying the Outdoors with Polarized Sun Glasses
Sometimes, just wearing normal sun glasses is not enough. There are certain situations where sunlight causes glare, which can be very irritating. In these cases, polarized sun glasses come in very handy.

Wearing Sun Glasses: What a Bright Idea!
Most people realize that the sun’s ultraviolet radiation can cause skin cancer, but not as many people realize that the same ultraviolet rays can cause a raft of eye diseases, such as photokeratitis, cataracts, and macular degeneration. Wearing sun glasses can go a long way toward preventing these disorders – and they look good, too!

Prescription Sun Glasses – Trendy Yet Useful Eyewear
Today, with prescription sunglasses, people with less than perfect vision can look cool but not compromise their need for visual clarity.

Motorcycle Sun Glasses Are Part of Road Safety
Motorcycle sun glasses are an essential part of any biker's arsenal of travel gear. They help keep the eyes safe, and can make a person look very cool, too!

Teeing Off with Golf Sunglasses
Golf sunglasses, like many other types of outdoor eyewear, help protect the eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Dog Sunglasses – They’re More Than Just Fashionable
Celebrities like Paris Hilton and Venus Williams endow their dogs with lavish gifts, like designer clothing and gem-encrusted collars. Dog sunglasses are just one of the many things that many humans like to bestow upon these four-legged friends.

Baseball Sunglasses – a Home Run in Sports Eyewear
Baseball sunglasses are part of a player’s arsenal of protective bodywear and accessories for staying in the game.

Gill Polarized Sunglasses: They Float, Too!
For the person who enjoys water sports or who simply likes to go out on the water, Gill polarized sunglasses are ideal companions. They give good service, are value for money, and cost-effective.

Wearing Motorcycle Glasses with Foam for a Comfortable and Safe Ride
Over the short or long haul, biker eyewear should protect the eyes and be comfortable as well. Motorcycle sunglasses with foam fit the bill.

Prescription Sunglasses: Corrective Eyewear for Use in the Sun
People with vision problems like astigmatism and myopia need the protection that regular sunglasses provide. And today’s prescription sunglasses come in a wide variety of styles and designs, making them a trendy fashion accessory.

Revving Up with Motorcycle Sun Glasses
Anyone riding a motorbike – whether as the driver or as the passenger – knows the necessity of a good pair of motorcycle sun glasses. They are not only for looking good, but they are an important safety device as well.

On the Fairway with Golf Sunglasses
Golf sunglasses fill the need for players to be able to see the golf course and everything in it clearly and with visual accuracy. Plus, they must look good, too!

Protecting the Eyes of Man’s Best Friend with Dog Sunglasses
Getting dog sunglasses for pets is not that ridiculous an idea as it may sound, since the same ultraviolet rays and other irritants that harm humans can also affect dogs' eyes, too.

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