Boating or Fishing? You Need Polarized Sun Glasses

Are you a boating enthusiast? Or maybe you're a fishing expert? Then you know what you have to bring on every fishing trip. If there's any gear that could be the most help to people who love water-based recreational sports - besides a lifejacket, of course - it's polarized sun glasses.

Polarized sun glasses are a higher grade of sun glasses that offer not only better protection from direct sunlight and other harmful elements, but also make for unparalleled clarity of vision. These babies don't cost more than regular sunglasses for no reason! These special shades are made not of cheap plastic, but of polycarbonate, an impact-resistant material that is lighter and thinner than ordinary plastic lenses.

Plastic lenses may be okay for blocking light, but optometrists can tell you that they are not good at all for managing light - that is, diffusing light so that glare is reduced and vision is sharpened. This is especially useful in the outdoors, where the interplay of light and shadow can be stark and a bit too much for ordinary shades to handle.

Polycarbonate lenses are used for sports shades because of their ability to diffuse light, so that one's eyes are not stung by bright reflections. This is an important property for eyewear, if you like water-based recreational sports such as sailing or fishing. Light can bounce off water and create startling flashes of light, which could be disorienting to sensitive eyes.

Sensitive eyes, for that matter, need extra protection. If you happen to have eye problems, and yet are well enough to go fishing or boating, polarized lenses would help in minimizing eyestrain. They can shield the eyes from harmful UV rays, which is an excellent asset if you aim to go out into open water in the middle of the day. If the sun starts to glow too brightly, your eyes will be protected - and when clouds obscure the sun, your vision won't be too affected either. Your polarized sun glasses will be able to adapt to any climate or weather condition, and to any outdoor water-based activity you may wish to engage in.

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