Protecting the Eyes of Man’s Best Friend with Dog Sunglasses

Many of us know for a fact that ultraviolet radiation can have adverse effects on our eyes if we go out into the sun without adequate protection. That’s why having a pair of sunglasses on hand is a must during bright days, especially in summer. What many people do not realize, though, is that these same ultraviolet rays can also have negative health benefits on their pets, specifically dogs. This is why getting dog sunglasses for them is not as ridiculous an idea as it may first sound.

Companies such as Doggles, seeFIDO, and Dog-Goes, acknowledge the fact that many pet owners value all aspects of their dogs’ well-being, including their eyesight. This is why they have developed dog sunglasses that come in many different sizes, shapes, and designs to accommodate the many different dog breeds out there. They stem not from fashion or leisure roots, but from the very real fact that the eyes of dogs need to be protected from harmful rays of the light spectrum, as well as from irritants like dust, sand, and wind.

Some veterinarians are skeptical about the necessity of sunglasses for dogs while others endorse the idea wholeheartedly. Dog goggles are especially useful if the animal is already suffering from an eye infection; to help him recover, his eyes need to be kept free of foreign objects, no matter how small. Dogs that are constantly outdoors stand to benefit from this accessory as well, since ultraviolet rays can cause a condition known as pannus or keratitis superficialis chronica, which affects the cornea. This condition cannot be cured completely; all that can be done is to prevent further eye deterioration through medications and proper eye care.

Many pet owners like to take their dogs along while traveling. We see them with their pets in convertibles with the top down, in motorcycle sidecars, and in the back of pickup trucks. Getting dogs to wear sunglasses during such trips is a good idea, to protect their eyes from possible injury from debris and the wind. Many high-quality sunglasses for dogs have polycarbonate or plastic ceramic lenses, which have a reputation for being shatterproof. And since they are goggles, they fit snugly over the face, leaving no space for wind to get through. However, many brands carry dog goggles that have vents in the frame to ensure that the lenses do not fog up and obscure the dog’s vision.

It can be a bit tricky getting dogs used to wearing sunglasses, but all that is needed is patience and enthusiasm to train the dog not to try and remove them. This usually happens when the dog gets distracted by something else and forgets that he’s wearing dog sunglasses in the first place. Once he has accepted them and makes no objections to wearing them, the owner can start taking comfort in the fact that his or her four-legged friend’s eyes will be taken care of, and that he’ll look a lot cuter, too!

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