The Foster Grant Pro Driver: A Professional in the Car Racing Track

The Foster Grant Pro Driver sunglasses are designed by FGX International, a manufacturer and marketer of eyeglasses and fashion jewelry based in Smithfield, Rhode Island. This latest from FGX is particularly aimed at race car drivers and endorsed by NASCAR champion driver, Jeff Gordon.

The Foster Grant Pro Driver belongs to the series of sports sunglasses offered by the company. FGX also manufactures and distributes reading glasses, optical frames and fashion jewelry. The firm is behind some of the most popular brands of eyewear like FosterGrant, Gargoyles, Anarchy and Angel. Sunglasses that are marketed by the company under licensed agreements include Body Glove, Champion, Club Med, Ironman Triathlon and NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon.

FGX does business in 15 countries including Canada, England, Mexico and the United States. Aside from stock car driver Jeff Gordon, the company has also made endorsement agreements with several athletes including NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson for Gargoyles and surfers Cory Lopez and Serena Brooke for the Anarchy and Angel brands, respectively.

The Pro Driver is one of the best-selling sunglasses offered by the Rhode Island-based company. The eyewear is designed to protect the driver’s eyes from the glare of the sun and from small particles like dust that could possibly penetrate the helmet and cause harm. Stock car racing is one of the most dangerous racing sports in the world and the absence of any protective eyewear can double the risks faced by race drivers.

The FosterGrant is designed to withstand severe impact, a very common occurrence in the field of car racing. It is shatterproof and made from the best materials. The tinted glasses provide ample protection against the harmful ultraviolet rays coming from the sun and the snug fit design provides comfort and ease to the user.

Eyeglasses from FGX are not just about big-name celebrities and high profile endorsements. The materials from which these eyepieces are made of are of high quality and the style and design of the products are among the best in the eyeglasses industry. The Foster Grant Pro Driver sunglasses carry the signature of durability, functionality and trendy design often associated with eyeglasses manufactured by FGX. It is no surprise that this model has zoomed ahead of the competition in the sports sunglasses business.

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