Prescription Sunglasses: Corrective Eyewear for Use in the Sun

Declining eyesight is a normal part of aging for many people. As a person grows older, the eyes lose some of their focus and the clarity of vision of his or her youth. That’s why a very large number of older persons get fitted for prescription glasses. However, poorer vision is not exclusive to the older generation; it can afflict younger people, too – even children. In addition to prescription spectacles, people with eyesight problems like myopia or astigmatism are buying prescription sunglasses as well. After all, they too need the protection that regular sunglasses provide. And today’s prescription sunglasses come in a wide variety of styles and designs, making them a trendy fashion accessory.

Prescription sunglasses function the same way as regular sunglasses; the only difference is that their lenses are customized specifically to correct the user’s vision problem. They should have 100% ultraviolet radiation protection, since regular exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays – even on cloudy days – can lead to even more eye problems. Some of the diseases that can result are photokeratitis, cataracts, and macular degeneration. Having minor vision problems like nearsightedness is bad enough; getting more serious diseases because of failing to wear proper corrective sunglasses surely would be a disaster.

Many types of corrective sunglasses have polarized lenses, which eliminate glare that can happen in bright sunlight. Such sunglasses are suitable for driving (when glare reflects off pavements or the hood of a car), fishing and other water activities (when glare reflects off the surface of water), winter sports (when glare reflects off snow), and pretty much all other activities that are done in broad daylight.

There are prescription sun glasses that come with interchangeable lenses. All the user has to do is to remove the regular lenses and snap on tinted lenses as he or she goes outdoors. There is even a type of lens that darkens or clears up according to the present lighting conditions: the lens grows smoky and darker in bright sunlight or clears up and becomes transparent indoors or at night. And since these shades are prescribed specifically for an individual person’s visual grade, there’s less of a chance of somebody else borrowing them and failing to return them – a common problem among many people.

Today’s prescription sunglasses are not confined to making one look dowdy or smarmy. Many of the most popular brands have lines of corrective sunglasses: Oakley, Maui Jim, Gucci, Nike, Ralph Lauren, Adidas – these are just a few. The cut, styling, and color of the lenses determine the look of the shades, as do the frame’s design and material. Athletes use them; celebrities use them; there are even prescription sunglasses for pets! Sunglasses are pretty much a prerequisite nowadays for people who spend a lot of time outdoors – prescription or not.

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